Monday, August 27, 2007

Ending Summer On a High Note!

Sadly, for myself and possibly many of you, summer is kinda over since school is now back in session. For those of us who teach, it is back to the grind of listening to students cry about getting an 89 instead of the 90 they so desperately needed to go to the college/medical school they so choose. Back to sitting in classrooms trying to overcome the ADHD I've had since 2nd grade. Back to overwhelming the students with the red sharpie pen on their exams and so on.

To end the summer on a high note, Sneks and I went to Virginia this past weekend to visit some of her super awesome, super nice friends. Although it was hotter than hell (literally), we had some awesome adventures in mini-golf, baseball, regular golf, cards, and of course, some killer Xbox 360 action. Here are some pics from the "Greatest Virginia Getaway Ever!"

Me being me on our way to Virginia.

Sneks going for par.

The Buffalo gang playing the mini-golf.

No Kimmy, I'm not trying to take a picture of your ass. (Sorry about that).

Yeah, that can't be good. Damn water hazard.

The Guys getting ready to hit the 75mph fastball.

The guys at the driving range.

Sneks practicing her swing.

Anna's turn to use the driver.
Yeah whatever. I'm sure you're only trying to show her how to drive the ball.
The boys killing each other in Knockout Kings.

The Boys pretending to Rock out to Guitar Hero.

Anna and George wishing us a fond farewell.


Dick Trickle said...

I love the length of your blog.

Anna said...

I loved your blog!!! We miss you delicious!!!!

Love, Anna & George!

Denna said...

Good words.