Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weekend at Bushkill Falls

The weather has been absolutely amazing the past 2 weeks here in PA. To try and take advantage of this fantastic weather, Sneks and a good friend (and colleague) of ours Mike B. and his family went hiking with us at Bushkill Falls this past weekend. The falls were beautiful, the leaves have just started to change their color, and all around a great day with Mike and family. Here are some pictures of our fun-filled hiking adventure!

Sneks and I in front of the main waterfall at Bushkill Falls.

Mike, Stacy, and his adorable kids.

A closer view of the main falls.

We all agreed, the water looked like Guinness!

A look over the valley.

Mike and I talk business, the kids talk lunch.

Honestly, where are we going again????


Stanley Goodspeed said...

Can I touch your dog in the eye?

Ian Ziering said...

More like Bush League Falls. Update your blog.

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